is specialized in Linear and immersive Animation

Multimedia art direction and visual narrative creation


Ali is a Motion Designer and Multimedia Art Director living and working in Montreal, Canada. He works with textual, analog, digital, virtual, video and immersive media.  

Ali has twenty years of experience in motion design, 3D and 2D animation, user experience and immersive animation, he has collaborated on projects with studios like Dailytouslesjours, Kngfu, Float4, Lietmotiv and AnotherworldVR as well as independent visual artists and film makers. The work he participated in was featured in international festivals like Tribeca film festival, Berlinale, Venice Biennale, RIDM, Toronto film festival and others. 

Ali’s work is driven by four components of equal importance, the conceptual, the technical, the visual, and the production, and this gave shape to his career choices and knowledge. His interest in immersive and interactive media grew while working on projects combining virtual reality with participatory theatre, entertainment and communication, documentary, fiction, and animation. 

In 2010, Ali co-established The Council, a creative studio which engages with art, media and design. The Council’s work was distinguished by its multidisciplinary approach to convergent media and by the diversity of its application (art, design, culture, entertainment, education and social engagement). 

His visual artworks have been exhibited and screened internationally at festivals and galleries in Germany, Paris, Istanbul, Tokyo, New York, and Beirut. Ali has worked as an assistant professor for seven years with teaching and advising experiences in art and design. He studied visual arts, industrial programming and visual effects.


Creative & Art Direction 

Interactive & Immersive Animation

User experience design

Motion Design & Motion Branding

Visual Content Creation

Creative & Technical R&D